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Can I take my cat to the office?

For now, we promote to welcome only dogs in the office but this topic is on our agenda in order to also provide opportunities to host kitty guests in the future!

Do you have AYCM card?

We feel responsible to support our colleagues physical and mental health, so AYCM is an optional component of cafeteria package

How big is the company, how big will it grow in long term?

At the moment, we are around 100 though we aim to grow to 200 till the end of this year and further expansion is expected within next 2-3 years.

How can you describe your company culture?

 At Fressnapf, we strive to establish an atmosphere that promotes a healthy work-life balance which leads to efficient work performance according to our belief. The company was founded as a family company, therefore we aim to maintain this unique essence which is composed by: kindness & care– where people also treat each other in a fair and respectful way. On the another hand our ambition is to perform and deliver on high level in order to accomplish strategical objectives and also achieve operational excellence. And of course the love of animals bind us together.

How is the team looks like?

We are very diverse from gender, age, life style, and nationality perspective though the love of pets bond us together. The way how people treat each other is core part of our culture: atmosphere is always warm and friendly.

What are your working hours?


We have regular working hours, from 9.00 to 17.00 though we are flexible – so if you are more productive in the evening, weekends or have to leave early afternoon to pick up the kids, you’re free to go. We are certain, that you will do your job.

What community programmes and team building events are there?


We have a dedicated Happiness manager, who takes care of all our social happenings around people. She is responsible to organize wide range of activities e.g handcrafting events, parties, birthdays, gettogethers furthermore she also contributes to actively build our growing community – together with our people. Check out our Linkedin profile ( for pictures of our past events!

What is the average age within the team?

Around 35, considering wide-range of people from some years of professional experience till industry veterans.

What is the benefit package like?

From your first day , you are eligible for our Health insurance and cafeteria package and, the Fressnapf employee store discount is available after your trial period ends.

What is the relationship between Fressnapf International Business Services and Fressnapf Hungary and Romania?

Fressnapf Hungaria and Romania manages core operations, like stores and online shop in both countries. FIBS is a captive shared service which serves internal customers, functions e.g county operations, corporate center by covering finance, customer care, IT, reporting and logistic acitivities. We do share our office location in Budapest, working closely together as part of the Fressnapf family.

What is your home office policy?

Flexible working is key for us at Fressnapf working remotely is part of our everyday life. It is important to us as a company that you can combine work and private life in the best possible way, so we usually spend 1-2 days in the office on a weekly base, and in the other days we work remotely.

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