Courage, ambition, and great care

We do have more in common

Come, let's do tomorrow!

We are animal lover professionals who are passionate about smooth processes and progressive solutions. That's why we look for competent, animal-loving doers who think like we do. Our culture is our real USP – our priority at Fressnapf is our community and our people.

Adventurous risk takers, pioneers of business processes with an appetite for initiative and success – you are welcome to unleash your unique potential at FIBS. Thanks to our boutique set-up, your contribution to our mission will never get unnoticed. Beyond, we do support your growth – let it be via foresight international projects or personal development.

Do you like our approach? Do you think and feel the same way? We are looking for travel companions!

Step closer, we are Fressnapf International Business Services

Positive and collaborative atmosphere is one of the key success drivers of all our people. Motivated, family-friendly, international – this is how our community awaits you and your little pet. They are part of the team, too!

With a heart for pets and people

With a heart for pets and people

At FIBS we don't just work for our mission, we practice it day by day. Risk takers, pioneers of new solutions, talents full of initiative are all welcome in the most pet-friendly business service center of Budapest. Bring your pro and friendly manners and let's do some dashing projects together!

Even more reasons to become a part of us

Beyond animals, our people are kept in the focus of our attention and actions. We stand by your side as an employer. We do a lot to ensure that you feel at ease in the Fressnapf family, and we create an environment where you can develop further and further.

Interested? We might just be looking for you!

Attractive benefits

We provide Fressnapfers and their beloved four-legged companions a benefit experience boosting their physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing. Travel support, health insurance, extra day off, birthday gift voucher and cafeteria, together with discount on exclusive FN brands. Promising, right?

Flexible working

Flexibility is at the heart of the Fressnapf brand, including the hybrid model or working remotely. It is genuinely important that you can combine your career and private life in the best possible way. State-of-the-art IT ecosystems ensure seamless collaboration between employees anytime, anywhere.

Exciting onboarding

Your welcome at FIBS will be absolutely warm-hearted: colleagues will guide you to find your place in our community, and our four-legged co-workers will make your day with a friendly greeting. The welcome package and the first-hand on-site experience both encourage you to feel and live the FIBS life.

Stable and open environment

Thanks to our independence and strong foundations, we can offer you a secure environment in a crisis-resistant industry. We believe that cultivating open, cooperative relationships and equal treatment – from the management level to the students – support us all to become our best selves.


The most pet-friendly service center

The love of animals unites us all at Fressnapf, it’s encoded in our DNA. Here, you don’t just bring your doggy to work, we have created the office space so that they can really enjoy it. Each corner is dog-friendly: a separate kitchen counter and sink area, and comfy dog beds are waiting for them.

Family-friendly office

Family-friendly policies mean much more than home office and we do care about special needs. "Parent office" allows a synergy of family and career goals, while children enjoy the company of our four-legged coworkers, play in the children’s office, or stay close to their parents in the family rooms.

Our unique human-centered culture

At Fressnapf, our greatest asset lies in our culture and values. The Group was founded as a family company, and this essence still defines our community: kindness, caring, warmth, a supportive attitude. People are good to each other here at FIBS, and we always smile when we happen to meet in the corridor. On the other hand, we take care of performance as well, but we aim high together – in a caring and supportive way.

Office with a view

The office is designed so that we can enjoy the company of our dogs all day. That's who we are: animal lovers – and that's what binds us together. But we also respect that, beyond our passion, we're all in different stages of our life with unique needs and different preferences in our way of working. Whenever we choose the office, many possibilities are open: we can work in the open office, we can use project rooms as a team, we can opt for a small meeting room to be on our own for a while, or we can even stay together with our children in the Parent office. Our HQ is spacious, bright, and most importantly, it’s located on the 9th floor. This privilege goes together with a roof terrace that offers breath-taking panorama of the Danube and Budapest – that’s the best place to host our super parties!

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We at Fressnapf are committed to transparency, and accountability within our organization. Here you can find our Whistleblower platform for secure reporting of misconduct.